Photochromic Bifocal Readers


Wear Anywhere Anytime!

eyeOs Hex-O-Tech FT-28 Photochromic reading glasses are the first of their kind in readymade readers. FT-28 Photochromic lenses are clear indoors and transition to dark reading sunglasses within 28 seconds outdoors. Designed for multi-purpose, they allow you to see as you would normally in the distance and yet you simply lower your eyes to read. Indoors you can read a book and won’t have to take them off to see your friend across the room. Outdoors they protect your eyes from U.V. and bright light while allowing you to read and enjoy the view simultaneously. One pair to wear for everywhere and for every activity: at work or home, inside or outside, see far and see up close. Nurses love them - no putting them on and taking them off; bank tellers and sommeliers don’t have to look down their noses at customers.


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