Hypoallergenic Reading Glasses Frames

eyeOs premium reading eyewear was developed to bring a new level of quality and design-sophistication to market. It had to be fun and exciting while rivaling the quality and design of the finest and most expensive prescription eyewear brands. Yet it had to be priced for the premium ready-made readers market. We understand that this may sound too good to be true, so we challenge you to see and feel the difference for yourself.

Creator and designer Sam Kotob is also the founder of Reptile Sun and has designed eyewear for over 15 years.

This is what he says about the spark that inspired this new brand of premium reading eyewear:

“eyeOs premium reading eyewear came about the way most of my best ideas do: while sharing good wine with good friends. I can't take full credit for eyeOs - I owe a lot to my creative band of friends. Their contribution was two-fold in that they provided the original idea due to their need for cool premium reading eyewear and they also provided creative feedback throughout the 18 month development phase of the project.

They are a group of sharp and very discerning individuals who refuse to be categorized by their 40+ age bracket. When you are 40+ going on 30, you don't want to wear anything on your face that says 'Granny'. Hence eyeOs reflects the lifestyle of successful, confident people who seek out the better things in life.

So, cheers to my creative band of friends, who are the true inspiration for eyeOs and everything we represent.”

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